A Time & Attendance Solution

PerfectTIME ® is our exclusive and proprietary, web-based time and attendance, HR Management software, that will save time and money.

The Perfect Time & Attendance Solution

PerfectTIME web-based time and attendance software solutions help organizations optimize their greatest asset and most manageable expense: the workforce.


Built on the latest platforms for web-based workforce management systems, PerfectTIME offers sophisticated yet intuitive time tracking software to manage and measure employee time and attendance and HR data in real-time.


Features include:

  • Robust Scheduling Modules
  • Powerful Time and Attendance Engines
  • Extensive Time-Off, Expense and Job Costing Functionality
  • Versatile and Secure Time-Entry Portals (Including Biometric Time and Attendance)
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Seamless Data Migration to Payroll, and More

Savings Calculator

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What Your Company Could Save

Use the interactive worksheet above to estimate what a PerfectTIME electronic time and attendance solution could save your company in lost productivity and wages.

To provide the best possible estimate, we've incorporated some conservative industry-standard approximations into our calculation. These include:

  • Calculating and approving manual timecards takes supervisors approximately 7 minutes per card. Automating this process reduces it to less than 1 minute per card.
  • Studies show that on average, each employee is responsible for hours of inflated time per week through extended lunches and breaks, tardiness, early departures, and time fraud. We've factored in a far more conservative estimate of 30 minutes per employee per week.

Core Functionality

Scalable to accommodate firms of varying sizes, specialties and requirements.

Versatile architecture that supports calculating, viewing, and migrating time data across companies, locations, and departments.

HR data interface and integration modules.

Latest in biometric technology and other secure time-entry portals.

Payroll interface and integration modules.

User self-service modules, including:

  • Employee profile builder
  • Administrator Web interface
  • Supervisor/Manager Web interface
  • Employee Web interface
  • Scheduling, benefit/PTO accrual and expense reimbursement
  • Pay policy configuration
  • Payroll data exporter

Password-protected access to secure web portals.

World-class data hosting facility (Software as a Service model).

Global messaging distribution.

Automated Time Management

Dashboards of real-time workforce activity.

Data "sortable" to approver preference.

Individual and group timecard management.

Multiple jobs-per-schedule functionality

Automatic email notification of actions required on timecards, Time Off requests, schedules and more.

Automatic return of rejected timecard to employee for correction and re-submission.

Approvers drill down to examine timecard details, including employee comments.

Business Intellgence

Unlimited data storage.

Track labor expenses by company, account code, project, department and location.

Powerful reporting tools.

Electronic Reports

Secure online access so you can review payroll history, generate reports, and print or save in a file format you prefer.